Here Soon: 1 train CYOA.

This will be a NSFW CYOA. Only for 18+, or whatever is legal age in your country.

Premise: You have been selected by X to design a train. You will be given multiple contracts that gives more leniency in exchange of you having to meet their requirements. Once completed, you will work inside a train, at a job of your choosing. You will also be able to choose your crew and asign them to each jobs available, other may be simple passengers. Multiple events will happen based on your chosen contracts (or other reasons), from something basic as someone stole a passenger's bag, to events which leads to your train derailing if you don't meet the minimum requirements. Rewards will be available, as well as missions. More passengers or crew will be unlockable as the story progresses. The ending... Well, no spoiler for now ;)

This CYOA will let you

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Dev log Oct 1st 2023: Good news!

Wassup! I have discovered that I can use bing AI to generate those images (and with infinite use ?). This will restart where I left off. I do have a lot of work lately and won't be able to progress in the next few weeks, but after that I will be able to continue. I estimate that I'll be able to make an early access or full release (the latter I would prefer) in December/January. Here are some images I generated which I liked:

These are just proofs of concept, but maybe there will be a optional gambling aspect in the CYOA?

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Dev log May 22: I forgor...

'Sup y'all, coming at ya w/ another update. Overslept and forgot to work on this project. No worries tho, it's still cooking in the oven, it may just need a little more time... In the case of, as previously talked about, AI art, the problem is that I am very limited: I used the one that is integrated in discord (midjourney ?), but you are limited as a free user. If I want to make NSFW AI art, the PC you need to run those models does not even come close to what I have at hand. Thus, I will resort to search for images that come close to what I want, and derive the story based on what I find, without diverging too far... Anyways, I don't know what else to say, apart from this page seems somewhat "useless" as no CYOAs are present ATM..., but I do think somedays, I will finish it, fr fr. Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. 😉

Dev log Mar 23: AI images Why didn’t I think of using them earlier? This will greatly increase the workflow and options available. Here are some results I found interesting (still need some tweaking):

Dev log Dec 22: AI images

Current Stage: Building rest of engine components.

Currently final stage: Story Routes/Choices available. Still need to fill in each choice's and row details. Engine: Choices selection, requirements, point system are done. Still need to add drag-able/selectable choices to fill in each wagons with different content. Wagons being 60 meters long, lets you divide them in 3 where choices come in different size (i.e. you can have a 60m Medbay, or only take 20m, ...)

Last edit: 22/05/2023

Estimated Completion: Before Jan 30, 2023 May 30, 2023 Around ~Dec, 2023

Made by u/JeremyMarioPants. Other works: 1month4day